Our destination is unclear, the reasons we change direction is not. Quite simply we are as predictable as animals that migrate from one destination to another or ones that choose to hibernate to avoid inclement weather. Where they migrate or hibernate may change but the action is predictable. Our inclement weather that creates our predictable actions comes from expectations.

We will discuss how expectations are what really make the world go around. These expectations are what give us individual worth and purpose. We will learn that our expectations are measurable therefore making our actions predictable.

The majority of this book we will discuss how expectations make us predictable. We will establish human instincts and define them as ‘Attributes of Normal’. We will discuss how our expectations are set and what influences them. We will also discuss the profound effect of groups on our expectations and actions.

To bring these concepts together in a usable tool we will discuss lastly a simple ‘Stock Market Expectations Indicator’, which has proved very accurate in predicting market turns since its inception in 2009. This indicator takes the mystery out of the stock market and makes sense of its erratic actions.

I understand that it is in our nature to want to skip directly to the stock market indicator, but I would caution, it is important to understand why it works in order to use it correctly. The concepts and the indicator discussed in the following are a perspective on how we should view others and ourselves.


The concepts and tools discussed in this book represent the opinion of the author and do not constitute any type of financial advice. All matters of your financial situation should be left to the financial professionals you employ.

1.0 What is Normal?

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