6.0 The Simple Stock Market Expectations Indicator

We have discussed thoroughly who we are and why we do what we do. To this point, we have only discussed theoretical ways to predict personal and group action outcomes. As mentioned before “hind sight is twenty-twenty” and the conclusions in this book are not conceived from a study of why certain outcomes occur. The theories presented here are rather the result of an experiment that has had significant success in predicting stock market changes. The theories discussed so far have been to explain why it has worked rather than how it works. This indicator was stumbled upon and developed. The general expectations theory was present at the birth of the indicator, but it was only in the evaluation and research into the results did the details emerge.

We will discuss how to measure and interpret expectations of the Dow Jones Industrial Average Index. We will discuss what the natural limits are and how they were determined. We will look at the results over time evaluating its successes as well as its failures. We will see how this indicator gives us a more logical explanation to why the index goes up and down then current beliefs.

The remaining sections reveal the Stock Market Expectations Indicator and are included in the print and Kindle version of The Art of Expectations available now at Amazon.com!

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ISBN-10: 0615528503
ISBN-13: 9780615528502
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Publisher: Lou Ebner
Published: 9/14/2011

The Art of Expectations is a new perspective on forecasting markets. Includes how to construct and track the Expectations Indicator which provides an objective approach to making investment decisions.
br> You will learn three things in "The Art of Expectations"
br> 1. How expectations influence our decisions and shape our world and the world around us.
2. How to use expectation cycles to help predict outcomes.
3. How to construct, track and use the Expectations Indicator to determine likely stock market direction.


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