5.0 Determining Outcomes Through Expectations

At this point we understand that our similarities outweigh our differences. These similarities are what make our actions predictable. We understand that our attributes of normal compel us to join groups and press the natural limits. We understand that the higher we go, the further we will fall. Children continue to feel they are better than their parents and the generations before them. History repeats itself because it is normal for us to want to be so different from others. The unfortunate side effect of feeling special blinds us to how similar we really are. The tools and the entertainment may have changed, but we are still the same as we have been for thousands of years, with respect to our normal attributes.

Only one difference exists from yesterday and that is that we live longer. We stretch out our action over time, since our lifecycle has become longer. Our actions stay the same, a generation to forget just takes longer.

Our actions, as normal individuals, are pushed to extremes by group influence. Although our actions are more excessive as a member of a group, they are still predictable. Whether we walk five miles as an individual or are influenced to march 50 miles as a member of a group, we are still walking. The question is how far we will go under the influence of a group. The answer to this question is twofold. First it depends on how powerful and large the group has become. Second is the natural limit of the action. If we physically cannot walk more than 47.5 miles without collapsing no matter what influence is over us, this is our natural limit. We will exceed our leader’s expectations until we approach the 47.5 mile mark whereby we will collapse on our natural limit.

By measuring natural limits we can predict, with a high degree of accuracy, outcomes of group actions in politics, economics and communities. We will also be able to predict and change outcomes of our personal actions.

To predict an outcome we must first find an action. This can be a personal or groups action. When we look at our personal actions, we need to realize that we can only change these outcomes by being aware of where our current path will lead us. When we are looking at a groups actions, we must first separate ourselves from this group so that we are not influenced by them. The natural limit of a group’s action cannot be changed. When attempting to determine the outcome of a group’s actions we must focus on determining their true natural limits.

Second we need to measure the expectations. As discussed above, when we measure our own actions, we have control over them so therefore it is difficult to calculate them. How we measure our or a groups expectations must be a finite calculation not open to interpretation. This involves finding out where in the expectations cycle we or the groups are by applying a number to it. There must be a defined limit in order to proceed with determining an actions outcome.

Third we need to determine its natural limit. This step involves history and a general understanding of the world we live in. If a road only goes for ten miles then it is not possible to continue down this road for 20 miles. If we earn $1,000 a week then our payments cannot exceed this. When we die, we are unable to continue to live. These are our natural limits.

These three steps will be evaluated and explained in the following section. By understanding how to use this information to determine outcomes it can provide clarity and profitability to our life.

5.1 A Simple Existence

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