4.5 Artificial Groups

During a holiday season, it’s not uncommon for a person to pay more for a product than the manufacturers suggested retail price. Our anxiety prevents us from waiting for supply to catch up with demand and causes us to overpay. This anxiety, which causes similar symptoms of addiction, typically is not of our own doing but engineered by another for profit.

The 1928 Edward Bernays book “Propaganda” changed marketing tactics forever. Edward Bernays was Sigmund Freud’s nephew. Edward Bernays discussed ways to market products and political will through propaganda. Instead of politicians and or companies forcing products or political views on the public, they must establish a need first then provide their product or view as a solution.

Start the fire then sell the extinguisher.

Edward Bernays called this process “engineering consent”. His research and development of engineering consent earned him the nickname “The Father of Spin”.

Businesses and Politicians regularly employ the use of propaganda to further their success. Propaganda uses our normal attributes against us as an animal trainer uses their methods to command obedience.

Over recent holiday seasons consumers have regularly paid more than 50% over the retail price for popular video gaming systems of that season. The overpaying for a mass produced item prior to the holiday is caused by companies creating a short supply of their product (or slow distribution), a child’s perceived immediate need caused by propaganda and limited time. Most of these game systems are available at their suggested retail price several days after the holiday. The influence and the timeline created this artificial group frenzy and when one of these elements disappears so does the event. Think about how powerful these artificial groups have become when they regularly command their members to camp out for days to buy a mere electronic device. The above examples are referring to members of Artificial Groups.

A person who has succumbed to propaganda and unknowingly joins these Artificial Groups will have no problem paying twice the suggested retail price of a product. A person who has not will view the other person as out of their mind.

When a group is formed by these artificial tactics the power of the group’s leadership is very limited in time. Artificial groups are erratic due to their engineered nature. The leadership’s motivations are unnatural and the group’s actions will reflect the same. The unpredictable actions of these groups make them dangerous. Artificial groups will typically make more attempts at our natural limits and in some cases push beyond them with dire consequences. Imagine a government that was able to convince its citizens that a nuclear attack is only solvable by the same response which would result in the end of the world.

4.6 Politics, Economics and Community Expectations

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