4.4 Group Leaders with Abnormal Expectations

Normal people have difficulty imagining the world of tomorrow, since it involves letting go of today. Those who can let go of today are visionaries and prophets. Great leaders who have taken civilization into the future share this ability. These visionaries and prophets have abnormal beliefs in fairytales. These great leaders have expectations that exceed a normal person since they have this abnormal attribute.

A person with an abnormal attribute will have abnormal expectations. Visionaries expect the world to change beyond the normal imaginable outcome. These abnormal expectations of visionaries and prophets have formed groups that have turned villages into cities.

As Gustave Le Bon pointed out in his book “The Crowd”, civilization was created by a small group of individuals who commanded the will of the crowd. He also stated that without powerful groups civilization would likely have crumbled. Society has not always chosen the most rational direction, but they do choose what their leader wants.

Our personal expectations are within reach. We have the ability to achieve our personal expectations because they have been accomplished by someone else before. An abnormal person who leads a group expects the unexpected. This person may expect to land on mars, but our natural limits may land us on the moon.

When these abnormal expectations are achieved by the group leader, they will, like a “Normal” person, raise their expectations again. Although a person may have one abnormal attribute, their other instincts (attributes) remain intact. They will continue to raise these expectations until they eventually supersede the natural limits of the time. Their power grows with expectations.

4.5 Artificial Groups

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