4.2 What are Group Expectations

In the thick of battle a soldier’s expectations are to live. The strategic results of the battle are of no consequence to the soldier. A soldier does not win a battle on his or her own. They fight to survive the ordeal while pushing forward at the command of their leader. A soldier is merely a weapon of their leader and the battle is just a stepping stone on the rise or fall of their leader’s expectations.

Membership in groups only impacts the attribute which attracted us in the first place. If a person joins a group because of their admiration for the leaders abnormal hopefulness the remaining “Normal” attributes are intact.

The soldier, described above, is a pawn of their leader’s agenda. The Soldier may have joined the fight in admiration of a leader with an abnormal belief in the fairytale of freedom. They will still pursue happiness and exhibit all other normal attributes but their now influenced belief in fairytales will push them to take abnormal actions in the name of the leader.

Many soldiers return from war with nightmares of the actions they had committed. These soldiers live with the consequences of their leader’s actions. As discussed before, group membership is just a matter of time. The missed or exceeded expectations of a soldier’s leadership will impact their future expectations. This trauma caused by the actions they committed under the influence of their leader is not the result of indecision. A person who has taken the life of another must live with the consequences of their actions. They have taken someone else’s mother, father, brother, sister or friend’s life. If they committed this act under the influence of a leader, then the reason for killing them is unclear. Since groups act out the expectations of their leaders, members will not be able to explain why they did what they did. The soldier will live with the pain of their leader’s actions. Members carry the burden of their leaders. The soldier will continue to cycle from high to low expectations, but their previous actions will affect how high and low they are capable of achieving. They might find that their highs are not as high as they were before, and their lows are lower.

As a member of a group we only expect to live, die, eat and breathe. Leaders have expectations, members act out their expectations cycle while attempting to stay alive or die with the approval of their leader.

One man cannot conquer the world, but one man who controls many can.

When we act on our own expectations our actions are limited to normal limits. Groups break all barriers of normal since it takes an abnormal person to lead them.

The primary difference between an individual person’s expectations and a group’s are their limits. A normal person’s belief in fairytales could cause them to confront a bully in search of personal peace. A group in the search of peace may confront a nation. Normal people will only go so far, while members of a group will go as far as their leader expects. Peace is the result of war.

4.3 Limits of Group Expectations

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