4.0 Why Groups Do What they Do

Throughout history man has accomplished magnificent feats. Man has also been the cause of great atrocities. As people we are unable to build a pyramid, but as members of groups we have built many. Pyramids around the world were constructed by strong leaders with their powerful influence. The power of these leaders was so strong that their followers enslaved generations of their fellow man to build these abnormal structures. Most great group actions are at the expense of others.

As we discussed earlier, groups perform abnormal actions. A person as a member of a group will dismiss their normal limits and will go beyond their typical threshold. This phenomenon makes the actions of groups more extreme than an individual person. Alone we may be able to walk 5 miles, but as part of a group we could march 50 or until we cannot walk anymore. A group’s actions will almost always go to extremes. A person who is a member of a group will let go of their attributes of normal and mindlessly follow their leader’s abnormal requests.

A member’s actions do not reflect their personal nature, but more that of their leaders. Since members of groups are ‘hypnotized’, their actions should not be held against them. The leader carries the fault of the group’s actions.

Groups do what they do, because their leaders told them to. As a member of a group our actions are controlled by the leader who influences us.

4.1 The Decisions Groups Make

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