3.3 Expectations Rollercoaster

Two siblings are in the same grade and take exactly the same classes at the same school. One of the children is a straight A student and the other is a B student. On report card day, both siblings come home with straight A’s. Who will receive the most praise for their report card?

What makes the exact same results appear more positive for one or the other? Simply put the B student understands how to set expectations better than the A student. The B student has the ability to get A’s but chooses not to, instead carefully uses his or hers set expectation to stand out when needed. Considering the above scenario, isn’t it fair to say that the straight A student is more likely to fail then the B student.

The above example just illustrates an obvious effect of expectations. Although we have not all experienced the same scenario, most of us have felt the double standard effect of expectations.

We typically reward those individuals who exceed expectations, discipline those who miss them and ignore those who just meet expectations.

Expectations build in a person throughout their lives. These expectations are what drive our successes and failures. We will all meet, exceed and miss expectations throughout our lives. These reactions create new expectations and shape the direction of our lives. Our expectation cycles send us on the rollercoaster of life.

3.4 Our Highs and Lows of Expectations

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