3.0 Why We Do What We Do

Our lives revolve around very simple feelings. These feelings can be described as despair and euphoria. When our expectations are high we are euphoric yet react with despair. When we have low expectations we live in despair yet react euphorically. This cycle of reactions helps explain “why we do what we do”.

Expectations are simply the neutral line between a positive and negative effect. When we have high expectations we tend to focus on the negative. When we have low expectations we tend to focus on the positive. This relationship between being and reacting create an ongoing effect that cycle from one extreme to the next. Someone who has high expectations will eventually have low expectations and vice versa.

This process of moving from one state of expectations to another defines our lives in the choices we make, the paths we take. Most expectations are set even before we are born. If we are born in Japan we are expected to speak Japanese. Failure to meet this primary expectation will change the course of our life.

From the second we are conceived, expectations begin to be set for us. Before a newborn leaves the hospital their lives already have a long list of expectations to live up to.

3.1 The Decisions We Make

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