2.2 Group Leaders

In every social sphere, from the highest to the lowest, as soon as a man ceases to be isolated he speedily falls under the influence of a leader.

Gustave Le Bon – The Crowd

A real leader is not a person who merely is looking for power. A leader is the greatest believer in the acts committed by the group they form.

The world is full of people who are seeking power over others. This person is typically under the influence of a group whose admiration is controlled by greed. A person who seeks power under the influence of greed typically attempts to gain it by fear. Greed and fear have a relationship which can motivate many individuals. Power achieved by fear will not create a group of individuals willing to follow that leader to the ends of the earth. The fear can actually create the opposite effect. Groups can be formed to topple the greed driven leader. Fear and tyranny can create legends of freedom fighters. A leader who takes their strength from greed will not go down in history as a hero but rather the opposite. Legends are created by abnormal acts.

There are two types of leaders who can motivate a group of individuals to perform abnormal acts.

A leader in the moment is an individual who becomes stimulated by an event or action. This leader can topple governments or win unwinnable battles in a war. This individual is already part of a larger group and is acting within the parameters of their higher power. A leader of the moments, power fades as the moment passes.

The most rare and remembered leader is self motivated. This leader will sacrifice everything for their ideals. Group actions start with its leaders and they are the strongest force behind the act. A rare leader, as described above, leaves their mark on society in the history books. A rare leader is able to perform abnormal acts without the influence of a group. They are born with the ability to perform abnormal acts.

Martin Luther King motivated and continues to motivate millions of individuals even after his death. He sacrificed everything for his ideals. His abnormal need for happiness captured the imaginations of millions. This image of freedom he projected was so powerful that he has become a founding father of equality in the United States.

Jim Jones is best known for leading over 900 individuals in a mass suicide. His abnormal need for happiness influenced the control over his members to such a degree that they took their own lives at his command. Surviving members still are unable to explain how the event that led to this mass suicide unfolded.

“When under the influence of a powerful leader, we are merely deer in headlights.”

2.3 Weak Leaders

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