1.4 We Only Hear What We Want to Hear

How many times during a disagreement or altercation with another family member or friend have we been told that we only listen to what we want to hear or we have “selective hearing”. All human beings have “selective hearing”. This condition is a form of self-protection. In extreme cold our body will begin to shiver to create friction to heat us. When we are being overwhelmed with information that is causing us unnecessary duress our minds choose to ignore or overlook this potentially important information.

Just as an individual person suffers from this condition, so do large groups of people. Groups tend to delude themselves for a longer period of time than a person who is not a member.

Like an individual person, groups tend to have “selective hearing” on topics that threaten their “Normal” lives. Before 9/11 we were aware of terrorists, but we chose not to pay attention to the warning signs, because we chose not to hear them. If there is no event then our ‘selective hearing’ (delusion) will continue.

How many years after Christopher Columbus discovered America, proving the world was not flat, did people still harbor the fear of falling off the edge of the earth. I will wager that it took a generation or two to dismiss the fear entirely. New discoveries or disproven truths tend to last a generation, at least, because these disproven facts are almost like a scar on our memories. History has shown us delusions can last for hundreds and thousands of years. One thing is for sure, we will know when the end of the world is coming, but we will likely choose not to see or hear it.

We all have selective hearing. Selective hearing is ‘normal’.

1.5 How Special We Think We Are

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