1.3 The Fairytales We Live by

“I will go to the moon someday.” This statement carries a sense of hope and possibilities to our children. That same statement carries a sense of regret as we age. When we are children our dreams and hopes for the future create a magical land of potential. Age and society tend to take away this enlightened path of fairytales and dreams. What makes these realities harder to accept is that at one point in our lives it was possible to achieve.

Nothing in life comes easy. Fairytales tell us of a place where life is simpler and full of hope. The saying “life is cruel” has been proven more true over time then these stories and dreamlands we create in our minds. This is not a pessimistic view on life, it is just a view in the mirror; a face to what is real.

Our beliefs in these fairytales smooth out the sharp edges of life. It is another form of self-preservation. Our dreams allow us to look past the bleak present and dream of better days.

Most dreams and fairytales we create as children focus on what we want to be when we grow up. When we become adults, this fairytale world becomes less about our distant futures and more about what is right around the corner.

There comes a time in our lives when our dreams of the future, the way we imagined our lives would be, fail. This realization of our current lives to what we thought they should be can manifest differently in people. The most obvious sign that a person is facing this perceived failure is change. Some common outcomes to this realization are; divorce, midlife crisis, career change, relocation and sometimes unfortunately suicide.

Some people achieve their dreams from childhood. Sometimes when we achieve a dream it is not what we expected. This letdown can create similar reactions to not achieving our dreams. “We are damned if we do and damned if we don’t”.

Without hopes and dreams what is there to live for? We need these dreams and fairytales to get through the years. This makes them “Normal”.

1.4 We Only Hear What We Want to Hear

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