1.1 The 7 Attributes of Normal

If we were all so different and random then there would be no traffic in the world.

Normal is defined as conforming to a standard, being typical. Our thoughts and our dreams are random at best, but our actions and reactions are typical and conform to a standard. Not every person will conform to normal all the time, but the majority will and this makes the attributes of normal important to understand in predicting outcomes to events or actions. Every action has a reaction, these reactions can be as predictable as cornering a wild animal.

There are 7 primary characteristics of “Normal” that play a large part in our typical reactions to events or actions. We classify these attributes of “Normal” as:

• Addictive Nature
• Selective Hearing
• Belief in Fairytales
• Special Complex
• Reluctantly Hopeful
• Risk Taker
• Need for Happiness

These attributes are not meant to define who we are as individuals; they are characteristics of our animal nature, therefore they are our instincts. Bears hibernate for the winter and humans have these characteristics; what the bear dreams about plays no role in their preparation for the winter. What dreams and fantasies we have play no role in our response to actions and events.

1.2 Our Addictive Personalities

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