1.0 What is Normal?

Your thoughts run wild with anticipation on the definition of normal. You are reading this just to prove that you do not have anything in common with what I classify as normal. Welcome to normal.

The thoughts and the inspirations we have are not the topic of this book. Even though I would argue they are probably pretty normal as well. This is a discussion of our predictable actions and reactions.

We acknowledge our similarities with our study of behaviorism. We take relief in identifying with someone else. Our behavioral similarities are just as predictable as a population of bears. We understand how bears respond when they’re hungry and scared. We understand that bears hibernate in the winter. What we don’t know is what they are thinking.

This book will focus on “Normal” as it pertains to who we are and why we do what we do. Our “Normal” is defined by our influences and instincts.

Instinct puts us into the situation and influence determines our actions

Instincts are normal and no matter how we feel about a situation, more than likely, they will get the best of us. Expectations are what sets the bar for us personally and professionally and influences our reactions. Understanding who we are, by defining “Normal” allows us to predict our actions.

1.1 The 7 Attributes of Normal

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