Stock Trends

Stock Trends technical analysis tutorialsThe Expectations Indicator revealed in “The Art of Expectations” identifies stock market bias (Bull and Bear markets), but stock trends are never move in straight lines and from my experience with trading expectations, having a thorough understanding of the characteristics of stock trends is of great importance to the bottom line. To address this important factor in trading Expectations, the following (continuously updated) tutorials have been put together to introduce readers to different methods of analyzing stock trends.

Japanese Candlestick Chart – Japanese Candlestick charts utilized by nearly every technical trader on Wall Street and around the world. What makes these charts so special is their uncanny way of revealing the market’s psychology. Learn about Japanese Candlestick Charts.

Bonds Vs Stocks – Defined and Differences – What are the differences between Bonds Vs Stocks and what really are they. The following article provides a simplified answer to these questions and more.

Trading 101 Course – Stocks, Bonds, Commodities, Options, Forex – An trading course in stocks, bonds, commodities, options and or Forex should all start with the following foundation.

Chart Patterns – A very useful skill in tracking market breadth is being able to recognize different chart patterns. Although these chart patterns do no guarantee what will occur next they do help in identifying likely points of change. As already discussed, markets do not move in straight lines and chart patterns help investors maximize these moves and are especially helpful if we already understand the markets bull or bear bias.

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