Market Expectations – A Cruel Fact of Life

Most times when we get what we want the most it turns out to not be what we expected at all. Some call this a fact of life and others call it a cruelty of life. Either way we can say that nothing really turns out how we expect it to be.

The stock market currently has Low Expectations (as determined by the Expectations Indicator) and it has been reflected in its actions of late by drifting higher. The market also is in a bear market cycle, which can be seen with the light volume which time has told us that volume confirms movement in stocks.

So where does that leave us now? The market needs to move towards raising expectations to reflect its current level. Wall Street must convert their economic optimism into higher expectations. It is not a matter of if but rather when this will occur and when it does the market will decline. The right side of the shoulder is forming.

To learn how to track the stock Markets Expectations read The Art of Expectations.

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