About – The Art of Expectations

The Art of ExpectationsWhy does the Stock Market go Up and Down?

The simple answer is, market expectations. Wall Street wants us to believe that the stock market is a complicated economic forecaster, when in fact it is just a barometer of a group’s expectation.

When a group’s expectations are falling so does the markets value. When expectations are rising the market’s value is also rising. Change occurs at the extreme high or low in expectations. As with individual expectations, groups have expectations limits where conditions cannot get any worse or better.

You will learn three things in The Art of Expectations

1. How Expectations influence our decisions and shape our world and the world around us.
2. How to use expectation cycles to predict outcomes.
3. How to construct and track the NEW Stock Market Expectations Indicator.

To learn the effect of expectations and how to track and read the stock markets expectations, read The Art of Expectations available at Amazon.com right now..

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