"The Art of Expectations" reveals what even the best investing books are missing“what even the best investing books are missing”

The Art of Expectations
by Louis J Ebner III
The Art of Expectations” doesn’t provide the best stocks to buy or sell but rather when to buy and sell them. Even the best investing books don’t have a clear method to forecasting a change in the stock market’s trend. “The Art of Expectations” makes Stock Market timing simple with the creation of the new Expectation Indicator that is revealed in the book.


“Lou Ebner’s simple, yet profound perspective on the Markets and people in general is fantastic. An eye opener. I’ve been advising people for 30 yrs. This is a simple and effective way to understand what moves markets… Joe F.”

“By understanding our expectation, the theory is applied to the stock market how what we can expect and which way the stock market will move based on what we know… Kia”

“With Great, Double-Dip and Global Recessions, I highly recommend this to get set for the 2013-2014 roller-coaster ride… Alex C.”


“The Art of Expectations” provides a new perspective on forecasting markets that provides the best time to buy and sell stocks. It includes how to construct and track the Expectations Indicator which provides an objective approach to making investment decisions and helps identify the beginning and the end of stock market trends. You will learn three things in “The Art of Expectations”

1. How expectations influence our decisions and shape our world and the world around us.
2. How to use expectation cycles to help predict outcomes.
3. How to construct, track and use the Expectations Indicator that identifies likely changes in trending stocks.

The Art of Expectations reveals the simple and objective Expectations Indicator, which gives us a clearer view of stock market timing. The Expectations Indicator takes the mystery out of the market and identifies crucial pivot points in the stock market. The best investing books typically only cover how to follow a trend not how to forecast a change in it, “The Art of Expectations” makes market timing simple and not open to interpretation.

Lou-Ebner-Profile-Pic-squaredLouis Ebner retired from the finance industry in 2003 frustrated with an industry focused more on selling then actually advising clients. During the financial crisis of 2008 he set out to discover a more objective way of forecasting financial markets essentially simplifying the decision to “buy or sell” by identifying what really moves markets.



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